Meghann Jacobs

  • Feminine Embodiment
  • Womb Healing

    Meghann is a Feminine Embodiment Guide, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Certified Yoga Instructor, and owner of Sonora Sol Embodied Living. She received her Masters Degree in Montessori Education from Loyola University in MD in 2008 and spent the first half of her career serving small children, with a focus on Mindfulness and Outdoor Education. In 2011 she received her 200 RYT training in Portland, OR and was initiated into the Global Sisterhood Women’s Circle Facilitators in 2021.

  • After 18 years of supporting new and growing families from the classroom she decided to transfer her expertise in compassionate listening and mindfulness strategies into assisting adults through their own transformations.  As an ambitious community leader and dedicated mother herself, she experienced the all too common challenges of maintaining a sense of identity and finding joy while vacillating on the pendulum of survival to bliss in raising two young children.  It was during this time that Meghann discovered the healing capacity of Women’s Circles and a seed was planted deep within her soul. 

    Today she combines her 20 year Yoga practice, Women’s Health studies, Meditation techniques, and art of gathering community to offer women the opportunity to rediscover their Inner Essence through Embodied Rituals and Educational Workshops. Holding the firm belief that all women hold deep wisdom within their bodies, her workshops are uniquely led in Circle style honoring and respecting each individual’s inner knowing and offering a safe space to grow, learn and heal together.

    Individual sessions with Meghann are based on a customized approach to re-discovering the voice within and harnessing the innate creativity as a feminine being.  Her uniquely crafted Root, Rise n Radiate methodology assists women in reconnecting with their innate Feminine Wisdom through embracing ritual, aligning menstrual phases with the lunar phases, and cultivating creativity for mastery over one’s passionate pursuits.  Her modalities range from Guided Meditation and Embodiment Facilitation to crafting an individualized plan of action through Feminine Lifestyle Coaching.  

    Meghann is an avid explorer, creator, musician, dancer and lover of nature. She is Mama to two amazing children and one sweet loving dog. You can find her and her family wandering about the Southwest when they aren’t soaking up Flagstaff’s magnificence.

    Contact Meghann directly at 971-533-3158 to learn more about individual sessions or get in touch with her here:

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