Erin Kayser PT, DPT

Specializing in identification and treatment of:

  • torticollis and plagiocephaly
  • developmental delay / delayed milestones
  • risk of delayed milestones due to premature birth
  • hypotonia (low muscle tone)
  • gait abnormalities (toe walking, in-toeing etc)
  • incoordination or motor planning challenges
  • strength and/or range of motion limitations
  • balance and coordination difficulties

    Offering in-home and clinic-based appointments for Pediatric physical therapy and motor milestone consultations.

  • Erin is a pediatric physical therapist and the owner of Mountain Kidz Therapy. Erin has been a Flagstaff resident for 12 years, and a pediatric PT for 9 years. She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Northern Arizona University. 

    Erin started Mountain Kidz because she saw a need for a change in the way pediatric physical therapy was delivered in Flagstaff. She offers affordable, flexible, and mobile PT, seeing patients in their home or in her clinic. She specializes in early intervention, early identification/treatment of torticollis/plagiocephaly, and treating developmental delays.

    Physical therapy also focuses on common childhood conditions such as delayed milestones, abnormal crawling or walking, balance and coordination impairments, low tone, and many more! Her passion is for educating parents and caregivers on baby development.

    Mountain Kidz also offers developmental wellness visits to educate parents on milestones and how to help their baby achieve the next big step in development.

    Mountain Kidz recently joined forces with the Flagstaff Birth Collective and is excited to be providing care within this amazing multi-disciplinary team. At the collective, Erin offers monthly Tummy Time classes where parents can learn about milestones specific to their baby and find community.

    Erin enjoys running, skiing, and rock climbing/bouldering and she has 3 little Mountain Kidz of her own.

    For information regarding physical therapy evaluation or milestone visits call 928-225-9655 or get in touch with Erin here: